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Collection that brings together the four most accessed stories on the Calcinha Molhada Blog, published by RM Ferreira between 2011 and 2014. Originally conceived with the aim of transforming “frictional desires of lonely fingers” into stories, the universe described here transitions from the unusual to the surprising: from bleak and intense encounter between two strangers at a newsstand, to the erotic - fantastic involvement of a girl, a warrior and a dragon.

We are a family owned and operated business.

"Second ... third ... fourth ... fifth ... sixth floor. Finally, I had to choose. Leave. Leave him. Go to Valkyrie and narrate, in detail, my rubbing with a delicious stranger. in the elevator of the building. Or stay. Go to the fifteenth. Go with it. To the moon. To the sky. Or to hell. " (The perfect man)


"There was no other way. I could no longer pretend to be misunderstood or act like a dizzy child. The reality was that: there was no choice. If I stayed with one, I would have to stay with the other. If I lay with one, I would have to lie with the other. And never, never, in separate moments. The two, together, always ... "(The Three)


"It is the smells that transform me. My submission to Arthur shifts. I am at the mercy of the smells, the magic of the pheromones that exhale from them and myself. Exposed to the scents, I transmute. As much as I am obediently on all fours, receiving a storm of cocks and sucking my husband's cock, odors disturb me. I may be property and in fact I am, but I become Lady of my own senses, of my sensations. " (Scents)


“_ Give me your hand. _ he demanded. As the tone did not admit replicas, he did not even consider arguing. Slowly, he extended his right hand. With his eyes fixed on hers, the warrior turned his palm up. To his amazement, he licked it. Then the wrist and forearm. Her legs shook. An absurd profusion of saliva formed in his mouth. With great difficulty, she swallowed. "(The girl, the warrior and the dragon)

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