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Anna Florence works as a teacher in one of the most traditional schools in Uberlândia, a city in the interior of Minas Gerais. Exercising the profession he adores and with his love life finally getting in the way, he has plenty of reasons to be very happy. However, the return of a former student to Colégio Santo Ignácio turns his life upside down. Novice, believes that the devil Pedro Henrique Braden is nothing more than an undisciplined teenager. But the student returning from the United States, ready to finish high school in Brazil, is far from being a boy! What the Literature teacher finds, sitting in the last wallet of the “Third C”, is a devilishly handsome man, with a sensuality at the top of his skin and without an ounce of scruple! Determined to become the professor's lover, he will ensnare her in a web of blackmail, eroticism and seduction, placing Anna Florence face to face with her desires. Including ... the contradictions!


The devil at the back of the room is available in two formats: printed and e-Book. Each has its own layout. In addition, the digital version also allows the reader to immerse themselves in music: all the songs mentioned in the novel have hyperlinks to their respective videos on YouTube. The reader can now listen to the music with the characters, experiencing in real time the emotions of that moment!

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