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Hank Caruzzo is the head of an archaeological expedition, looking for a legendary Spanish ship. Handsome and very charming, it draws sighs from practically all women. However, Hank only has eyes for Doctor Juliet Blair, the marine biologist with whom he had the “most sensational sex of his life”! However, Dr. Blair categorically asserts that her memories do not exist. Hank would have been the victim of a hallucination, caused by the "Blue Flower" corals, abundant in the waters in which he had been diving. Amid torrid encounters and stormy disagreements, Hank and Juliet are involved in a complex criminal plot that, by combining drug trafficking and political corruption, makes them suspicious of a secret FBI investigation.


We are a family owned and operated business.

1. The novel Mar de Desejo was originally written in 2002 and was subsequently updated. In the original version, Hank Caruzzo's theme song was " Misundestood" , by the band Bon Jovi. In the current version, the band remained, changing only the theme: now, the main character hears "You Give love a bad name" . Follow the link to check them out!

We are a family owned and operated business.

2. The novel Mar de Desejo is available in two formats: printed and digital. In digital format, you can find it on the Buenovella Platform, the Latin version of Goodnovel. In addition to reading online, you can also read in the Buenovella app. Just download the App!

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