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Ghost Writer Maria Laura Vilela is on her way to her “secret refuge”, close to Paraty: the guest house of a mansion belonging to the aunt of an old friend. This time, however, Maria Laura's project is another. Heartbroken by her ex-betrayal's betrayal, she is determined to “take a break” and print a new direction in life, taking the dream of writing her own novel out of the drawer. However, what should be a season of silence and peace of mind, turns into a nightmare. Having seen what she "shouldn't" do in the main house, she becomes the prisoner of a mysterious and secretive Korean agent, with whom she will be forced to share the same roof. Who is Kim Tan - woo, the tall, sensual man who tortures her with his charm, caring for her with so much care and affection? Will Maria Laura be able to keep her distance from this seductive jailer and his dangerous relationships ...?


The initial title of Just for Today was "Dorama em Paraty". The reason is obvious: set in the city of Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro, he flirts "shamelessly" with Korean dramas, not only in the figure of his protagonist, the mysterious KIm Tan-woo, but also with aspects of culture, history and of the Korean language. In addition, all historical and political references have links in the footnotes, for you to consult and learn more, and also a Glossary at the end of the book, with all the foreign words and expressions that appear in the novel. You can purchase the work in two formats (print and digital). Want to know more? Click on the "Chapters" button and read five chapters! Then, just take this delightful couple home and have fun.

Annyŏn haseyo!

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