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O diabo no fundo da sala
The devil at the back of the room

"The floor did not open and neither was her body incinerated. But the cold stone showed that its heat came from within, and not from the depths of tartar. The burning radiated from the vagina, rose up her legs, made her breasts swollen and soaked her panties. .. It showed that that game excited her in a way, that she never thought would be possible. [...] The lust that man provoked was a business without conditions ...! He lifted his head and looked into the green eyes. He had to run his tongue over his lips before finally saying his terms! "

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Sea of Desire

The man kissed every inch of your foot! And after each kiss ... I would lick the skin wet by the kiss ... until it finally arrived ... on the fingers! Hank wrapped his lips around each toe ... and started sucking on them! [...] He held on to the seat of the chair. He closed his eyes. He tried to remember the first chapter of his PhD thesis ... "This chapter I intend to discuss ..." He licked his feet again! First one ... then the other ... And wet kisses went up the length of his leg.

Mar de Desejo
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Quatro Contos Eróticos
Four Erotic Tales

"Second ... third ... fourth ... fifth ... sixth floor. Finally, I had to choose. Leave. Leave him. Go to Valkyrie and narrate, in detail, my rubbing with a delicious stranger. in the elevator of the building. Or stay. Go to the fifteenth. Go with it. To the moon. To the sky. Or to hell. " (The perfect man)


"There was no other way. I could no longer pretend to be misunderstood or act like a dizzy child. The reality was that: there was no choice. If I stayed with one, I would have to stay with the other. If I lay with one, I would have to lie with the other. And never, never, in separate moments. The two, together, always ... "(The Three)

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